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Cabot, Mabel Chernow, Ron Conason, Joe
Cabot, Meg Chessman, Harriet Scott Conley, Dalton
Cahill, Thomas Chethick, Neil Conlon, Edward
Caldwell, Ian Chevalier, Tracy Conlon-McIvor, Maura
Caldwell, Zoe Chicago, Judy Connelly, Michael
Callanan, Liam Child, Lee Connolly, John
Campbell, Bebe Moore Chiles, Nick Conrad, Nancy
Campbell, Bruce Cho, Margaret Continetti, Matthew
Canfield, Jack Chopra, Deepak Cook, Robin
Cannell, Stephen J. Church, Charlotte Cooley, Martha
Carcaterra, Lorenzo Churchill, Minnie Cooney, Eleanor
Card, Orson Scott Cisneros, Sandra Coonts, Stephen
Carey, Peter Clair, Maxine Cooper, J. California
Carmichael, Chris Clancy, Liam Coram, Robert
Carnot, Edward Clancy, Paul Corcoran, Barbara
Carpenter, Scott Clancy, Tom Cork, John
Carpenter, Teresa Clark, Carol Higgins Cornwell, Bernard
Carrier, Jim Clark, Martin Cornwell, John
Carroll, Andrew Clark, Mary Higgins Cornwell, Patricia
Carroll, Deborah Clarke, Richard Cose, Ellis
Carroll, James Clarke, Will Coughlin, Con
Carroll, Jonathan Cleage, Pearl Coughlin, Jack
Carroll, Linda Cleaver, Ahmad Maceo Eldridge Coulter, Ann
Carson, Rick Clinton, Catherine Coulter, Catherine
Carter, Stephen L. Cobbs, Dr. Price Coupland, Douglas
Carwardine, Richard Coben, Harlan Cox, Ana Marie
Cashill, Jack Cochran, Johnnie Coyne, John
Cayton, Andrew Cohen, Herb Crais, Robert
Century, Douglas Cohen, Janet Langhart Crier, Catherine
Cerami, Charles Cohen, Jennifer Beth Critser, Greg
Chabon, Michael Cohen, Leah Hager Croke, Vicki Constantine
Chace, James Colacello, Bob Cruise, Jorge
Chadwick, Bruce Cole, David Culbreth, Judsen
Chafetz, Dr. Morris Colin, Chris Cullen, Bill
Chambers, Veronica Coll, Susan Cunningham, Michael
Chang, Iris Colley, David Cuomo, Andrew
Chaplin, Joyce Collins, Francis Cuomo, Mario
Chase-Riboud, Barbara Collins, Jim Curtis, Christopher Paul
Chast, Roz Collins, Judy Cussler, Clive
Cheever, Susan Collins, Susan Ford Cutler, Jessica
Chen, Da Colmes, Alan
Cherkasky, Michael Conant, Jennet

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One of the most incredible things I saw in connection with this book was a drilling rig above the Arctic Circle, where I spent a week with these guys who are just mad to find this special kind of host rock where you find diamonds.

- Tom Zoellner
The Heartless Stone

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