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Gabaldon, Diana Gillespie, Hollis Graham, Tom
Gabbard, Dr. Glen Gilman, Susan Jane Grandin, Greg
Gabbay, Tom Gilstrap, John Grandin, Temple
Gabe, Grace Giovanni, Nikki Grant, Donna
Gaddy, C. Welton Girls, Guerrilla Gray, John
Galambush, Julie Gitlin, Todd Gray, Robert
Gallenkamp, Charles Glakas-Tenet, Stephanie Greeley, Andrew
Gansler, Laura Leedy Gleick, James Green, Tim
Gardiner, Kay Glezer, Maggie Greenberg, David
Garner, Joe Godwin, Gail Greenberg, Mike
Garreau, Joel Goldberg, Bernard Greenberg, Sandy
Gartner, John Goldberg, Danny Greenberg, Stanley
Gaston, Dr. Marilyn Hughes Goldberg, Myla Greene, Brian
Gavaler, Chris Golden, Marita Greene, Jeffrey
Gavin, William Goldman, Jami Greenhouse, Linda
Gehlek Rinpoche, Nawang Goldsmith, Martin Greenlaw, Linda
Gelb, Arthur Goldstein, Brandt Griffin, W.E.B.
Gelb, Michael Golway, Terry Griggs, Vanessa Davis
George, Bill Gonnerman, Jennifer Grimes, Martha
George, Elizabeth Goodman, Allegra Grippando, James
George, Nelson Goodman, Amy Grossman, David
Gerber, Robin Goodman, Ellen Grove, Andrew
Gerhart, Ann Goodwin, Doris Kearns Gruber, Michael
Gericke, Shane Goodwin, Jason Grushin, Olga
Germond, Jack Gopnik, Adam Guber, Peter
Getler, Warren Gordon, Barry Guiliano, Mireille
Gibbons, Kaye Gordon, Jon Guinn, Jeff
Gibson, John Gordon, Linda Perlman Guralnick, Peter
Gibson, William Gordon, Michael Gurganus, Allan
Gien, Pamela Gore, Kristin Guterson, David
Gilder, Anne-Lee Grafton, Sue
Gilder, Joshua Graham, Lawrence Otis

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I was particularly interested not in the moral judgments that the North and South made against the enemy, but [rather] did they ever hold the mirror up to their own face and their own conduct, as casualties in the war over time jumped from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands...?

- Harry Stout
Upon the Altar of the Nation

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