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Hackworth, David Hayes, Bill & Susan Seaforth Hobbs, Jonathan
Haddock, Doris Hayes, Brian Hodgman, John
Hague, William Hayes, Stephen Hodgson, Godfrey
Haigh, Jennifer Hays, Constance Hoffman, Alice
Hakim, Joy Hazelwood, Robin Hogan, Hulk
Halberstam, David Heine, Steven Holland, Max
Halevy, Efraim Heller, Zoe Holland, Thomas
Halley, Patrick Henderson, Kristin Holliday, Geneva
Halpern, Belle Linda Hendra, Jessica Holm, Jennifer
Halpern, Susan Hendra, Tony Holman, Virginia
Hamburger, Aaron Henig, Robin Marantz Holt, Thaddeus
Hamel, Jonathan Henry, Neil Homes, A.M.
Hamer, Dean Herbeck, Dan Honoré, Carl
Hamill, Pete Herbert, Brian hooks, bell
Hamilton, Laurell K. Hertzberg, Arthur Hope, Judith Richards
Hamilton, Nigel Hertzberg, Hendrik Horn, Dara
Hammer, Joshua Hester, Elliott Horn, Stephen
Handler, Daniel "Lemony Snicket" Hewlett, Sylvia Ann Hornby, Nick
Handy, Ned Heymann, C. David Horwitz, Sari
Hansen, James Hickam, Homer Hosseini, Khaled
Hansen, Suzanne Hicks, Robert Howard, Margo
Hanson, Neil Highfield, Roger Huffington, Arianna
Hardt, Michael Higson, Charlie Humphreys, Helen
Hardwick, Gary Hijuelos, Oscar Hunt, Irmgard
Harr, Jonathan Hill, Julia Butterfly Hunt, Rameck
Harrigan, Stephen Hillerman, Tony Hunter, Stephen
Harris, E. Lynn Hillman, James Hunter, Tab
Harris, John Hime, James Hunter, Travis
Hart, Carolyn Himsel, Deborrah Hurston, Lucy Anne
Hart, Matthew Hines, Elizabeth Gardner Hustvedt, Siri
Haruf, Kent Hitchcock, Jane Stanton Hutcherson, Hilda
Haviv, Ron Hitchcock, William
Hawn, Goldie Hitz, Frederick

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There are many [people], particularly liberals, who are offended by any discussions about core values and where we get them from, traditional norms. But we must have this discussion in our society, because if we don’t, we could end up in a totalitarian state.

- Star Parker
White Ghetto

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