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MacCambridge, Michael Mayer, Jeremy Miéville, China
MacDonald, Ann-Marie Mayle, Peter Miles, Jack
MacNeil, Robert Mayor, Archer Miles, Steven
Magueijo, João Maysonave, Sherry Millan, Cesar
Maguire, Elizabeth McAllester, Matthew Miller, Donald
Maguire, Gregory McBride, James Miller, Dr. Will
Maguire, James McCall Smith, Alexander Miller, Jennifer
Maier, Thomas McCalman, Iain Miller, Joel
Malkani, Gautam McCandless, Sarah Grace Miller, Mark Crispin
Mallett, Jef McConnell, Melissa Miller, Mitzi
Malloch, Theodore Roosevelt McCourt, Frank Millner, Denene
Mallon, Thomas McCoy, Elin Min, Anchee
Manber, Jeffrey McCrumb, Sharyn Minkow, Barry
Mandel, Sally McCullough, Colleen Mipham Rinpoche, Sakyong
Mankoff, Robert McDougal, Susan Mirkin, Dr.Gabe & Diana
Mann, James McEnroe, John Mistry, Rohinton
Mansfield, Stephen McEwan, Ian Mitchard, Jacquelyn
Maraniss, David McFadden, Bernice Mitchell, Elizabeth
Marberry, Craig McGovern, George Monroe, Mary
Marcinko, Richard McGrath, Patrick Moody, Rick
Margulies, Joseph McGrory, Brian Moore, James
Marin, Cheech McKibben, Bill Moore, Roy
Mark, Jorie Green McKible, Adam Moose, Charles
Marquis, Christopher McKinney, Frank Moran, Lindsay
Martel, Yann McLarty, Ron Morris, Dick
Martin, David Lozell McLaughlin, Emma Morris, Edmund
Martin, Judith McManus, James Morris, James McGrath
Martin, Lee McMillan, Priscilla Morris, Tee
Martin, Nancy McMillan, Terry Morrison, Mary
Martin, Valerie McNally, Dennis Morrow, James
Martinez, Michele McPhee, Jenny Morrow, Lance
Marx, Jeffrey Medwed, Mameve Morrow, Lance
Maslon, Laurence Meltzer, Brad Mortenson, Greg
Mason, Bobbie Ann Mendelson, Cheryl Moses, Barbara
Massey, Scott Menendez, Ana Mosley, Walter
Massey, Sujata Menzies, Gavin Mouly, Francoise
Mathabane, Mark Merz, Jon Moynihan, Maura
Mathis, Greg Mesnier, Roland Mo'Nique
Matlock, Amb. Jack Messner, Tammy Faye Mulvaney, Jay
Matthews, Chris Meyer, Laurence Murawiec, Laurent
Maupin, Armistead Michel, Lou Murray, John
Max, Peter Michelman, Kate Mylroie, Laurie
Mayer, Doe Middlebrook, Diane Myss, Caroline

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The moment Doug died, Susan was in the chapel praying. There was a light that appeared in the chapel, and Doug walked out of the light, and we had a scene of goodbye. It was the most poignant, most beautifully written scene of goodbye. It was so moving!" .. "Playing that scene with Billy, I really don't know how we did it, how we got through it. It was capturing on tape everything that our love means to us.

- Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes
Like Sands Through the Hourglass

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