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Saar, Erik Shayne, Ann Spar, Debora
Sachar, Louis Shaywitz, Dr. Sally Specter, Sen. Arlen
Salamon, Julie Sheehy, Gail Spence, Jonathan
Saletan, Will Sheggeby, Dawn Spencer, Elizabeth
Saline, Carol Sheldrake, Rupert Spiegelman, Art
Salisbury, Gay Shepperd, Don Spoto, Donald
Salisbury, Graham Sher, Ira Spring, Janis Abrahms
Salisbury, Laney Sherrill, Martha Stace, Wesley
Salmansohn, Karen Sherrod, Leslie J. Standiford, Les
Salvatore, R.A. Shirley, Craig Stanley, J.B.
Salzman, Mark Short, Sharon Stanton, Tom
Sammon, Bill Shoshanna, Dr. Brenda Stark, Steven
Sanders, Barry Shreeve, James Starkey, David
Sanders, Dr. Lisa Shreve, Anita Starr, Kenneth
Sanders, Yolonda Tonette Shreve, Porter Stearns, Rob
Sandford, John Shreve, Susan Richards Steiger, Heidi
Sandlin, Tim Shriver, Lionel Steinberg, Laurence
Sanger, Alexander Shteyngart, Gary Steinhorn, Leonard
Santiago, Esmeralda Shuman, George Stephens, Darri
Sarkis, Stephanie Sierra, Javier Sterling, Bruce
Sass, Cynthia Sifton, Elisabeth Stevens, Mark
Sasson, Jean Silberkleit, David Stevens, Mark
Saunders, Dave "Mudcat" Silbert, Leslie Stewart, Mike
Savage, Dan Silva, Daniel Stimpson, Michelle
Scaturro, Pasquale Silverstein, Ken Stine, R.L.
Schechter, Peter Simon, Clea Stoller, Debbie
Schieffer, Bob Simon, Lizzie Stolley, Richard
Schiff, Karenna Gore Simpson, Pierette Domenica Stone, Bob
Schlafly, Phyllis Singer, Peter Stone, Robin
Schroen, Gary Singh, Simon Stossel, John
Schwartz, Daylle Deanna Sittenfeld, Curtis Stout, Harry
Schweizer, Peter Skinner, Kiron Stout, Martha
Schweizer, Rochelle Slaughter, Karin Stover, Matthew
Scottoline, Lisa Slichter, Jacob Straka, Andy
Scotton, Rob Smiley, Jane Straub, Peter
Searles, John Smiley, Sarah Strausbaugh, John
Sears, Alan Smiley, Tavis Strauss, Alix
See, Carolyn Smith, Dennis Strohmeyer, Sarah
See, Lisa Smith, Glenn Sullivan, Eugene
Segre, Francesca Smith, I.C. Sullivan, James
Semler, Ricardo Smith, Larry Sullivan, Robert
Senna, Danzy Smith, Liz Sulston, Sir John
Sewell, Kenneth Smith, Lynn Marie Suri, Manil
Sfar, Joann Smith, Martin Cruz Sussman, Julie
Shaara, Jeff Smith, Ray Swan, Annalyn
Shadid, Anthony Smith, Rebecca Swanson, James
Shaffer, Susan Morris Smith, Sally Bedell Swartz, Mimi
Shanghvi, Siddharth Dhanvant Smokler, Kevin Swift, Will
Shapiro, Howard Sobel, Dava Sykes, Brian
Sharp, Adrienne Solovic, Susan
Shattuck, Jessica Sorrentino, Steven

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This book starts in 1947, which was where I initially wanted to go. We meet a group of characters (it's an ensemble piece)... What the novel then does is to move backwards in time. We move back to 1944 to the drama of war, back to 1941, ultimately, and that movement takes us back through those characters' emotional journeys, and then covers their secrets and the connections between them.

- Sarah Waters
The Night Watch

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