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Interviews originally posted in 10 / 2001

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Business Is a Contact Sport
by Tom Richardson

Up and Running
by Jami Goldman

In a Strange City
by Laura Lippman

The Holy Road
by Michael Blake

by Mary Foley

Tucker Peak
by Archer Mayor

Falling Angels
by Tracy Chevalier

The Corrections
by Jonathan Franzen

Good to Great
by Jim Collins

President Nixon: Alone in the White House
by Richard Reeves

by Paul Dickson

Another Planet
by Elinor Burkett

by Sebastian Junger

Breaking Faith
by John Cornwell

Separation of Power
by Vince Flynn

October Suite
by Maxine Clair

The Practical Heart
by Allan Gurganus

Because he decided to downplay civil rights to such an extent at the beginning of his presidency, he encouraged white segregationists...to believe they could uphold the system of Jim Crow and racial apartheid well into the 1960s. And this, in turn, encouraged black demonstrators to adopt much more aggressive tactics and to call for much more controversial solutions to the race problem.

- Nick Bryant
The Bystander

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