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Interviews originally posted in 07 / 2002

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The Scar
by China Miéville

Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes
by Blair Walker

by Lizzie Simon

The Emperor of Ocean Park
by Stephen L. Carter

Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda
by Jackson Bryer

Body of Secrets
by James Bamford

Hard Eight
by Janet Evanovich

The Pact
by Dr. Sampson Davis

What Just Happened
by James Gleick

Chopping Spree
by Diane Mott Davidson

Extreme Success
by Rich Fettke

A Year in Van Nuys
by Sandra Tsing Loh

I'm Telling
by Karen E. Quinones-Miller

Saving Milly
by Morton Kondracke

Grave Secrets
by Kathy Reichs

The Rise of the Creative Class
by Richard Florida

They'll be nice to you, they'll be nice to your face, you know, 'How's the family?' But it all comes down to money. That's all it comes down to. And your best friend will shoot you in the back to take what you have.

- Kevin Weeks

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"Eyes of the Emperor" by Graham Salisbury

"The Bear and the Dragon" by Tom Clancy

"Pretend I'm Not Here" by Chris Gavaler
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