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Interviews originally posted in 12 / 2003

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The Murder Room
by P.D. James

Sea of Glory
by Nathaniel Philbrick

American Still Life
by Paul Pacult

The Keeper's Son
by Homer Hickam

Sailing the Wine Dark Sea
by Thomas Cahill

Death's Acre
by Dr. William Bass

by Alex Wellen

Red White & Liberal
by Alan Colmes

Small Things Considered
by Henry Petroski

Intelligent Memory
by Barry Gordon

The Stranger and the Statesman
by Nina Burleigh

A Season in Bethlehem
by Joshua Hammer

They Marched Into Sunlight
by David Maraniss

The Stories of Richard Bausch
by Richard Bausch

Reluctant Saint
by Donald Spoto

Now Showing
by Joe Garner

Ten Thousand Lovers
by Edeet Ravel

Her Husband
by Diane Middlebrook

Authentic Leadership
by Bill George

Split Second
by David Baldacci

The Georgetown Ladies' Social Club
by C. David Heymann

Fire Flight
by John J. Nance

by Jonathan Raban

The Sapphire Sea
by John Robinson

The Exact Same Moon
by Jeanne Marie Laskas

City Room
by Arthur Gelb

Hottentot Venus
by Barbara Chase-Riboud

Mr. Timothy
by Louis Bayard

Second Chances
by Elise Lufkin

Ready for Revolution
by Michael Thelwell

Evolution's Captain
by Peter Nichols

A Journey to Here
by Margaret Johnson-Hodge

Part of what I’m doing in this book is telling the Democrats, the liberals, they have to change, fundamentally change. This is not a kind of change they’re going to come up with in 2006 and 2008, because you can be sure that every Democratic party candidate is going to be quoting Bible and telling about their own church experience. But most people’s crisis in their lives is not about Democrats not quoting Bible enough.

- Rabbi Michael Lerner
The Left Hand of God

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"Ready for Revolution" by Michael Thelwell

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