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Interviews originally posted in 7 / 2004

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The Connection
by Stephen Hayes

More Equal Than Others
by Godfrey Hodgson

No Ordinary Matter
by Jenny McPhee

A Mighty Fortress
by Steven Ozment

The Seven-Day Weekend
by Ricardo Semler

Free Money to Pay Your Bills
by Matthew Lesko

Into the Unknown
by Jack Uldrich

We Need to Talk About Kevin
by Lionel Shriver

Blood Done Sign My Name
by Timothy Tyson

Forty Signs of Rain
by Kim Stanley Robinson

Out of Bounds
by Jeff Benedict

The Book of Salt
by Monique Truong

One With Nineveh
by Paul Ehrlich

Better Than I Know Myself
by Donna Grant

The Grand Idea
by Joel Achenbach

In Praise of Slowness
by Carl Honoré

Blood From Stones
by Douglas Farah

Status Anxiety
by Alain de Botton

This Man's Army
by Andrew Exum

The Zenith Angle
by Bruce Sterling

Who Let the Dogs In?
by Molly Ivins

A Terrible Love of War
by James Hillman

The Irish Game
by Matthew Hart

The Deceivers
by Thaddeus Holt

By A Spider's Thread
by Laura Lippman

Radio Activity
by Bill Fitzhugh

by Nicole Bailey-Williams

The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin
by Gordon Wood

What Really Happened to the Class of '93
by Chris Colin

The Essential America
by George McGovern

The Latino Wave
by Jorge Ramos

This Side of Married
by Rachel Pastan

The Lobster Coast
by Colin Woodard

Bad Men
by John Connolly

The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting
by Laurence Steinberg

Port Mungo
by Patrick McGrath

In The Company of Heroes
by Michael Durant

Banana Republicans
by Sheldon Rampton

One Man's Castle
by Phyllis Vine

Rambam's Ladder
by Julie Salamon

Heavenly Intrigue
by Joshua Gilder

by Barry Lopez

Stand Up, Fight Back
by E.J. Dionne

Bush Must Go
by Bill Press

The Myth of Moral Justice
by Thane Rosenbaum

From Rage to Reason
by Janet Langhart Cohen

Bride in Overdrive
by Jorie Green Mark

Fat Man Fed Up
by Jack Germond

High Steel
by Jim Rasenberger

We're Still Family
by Constance Ahrons

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
by Joe Trippi

Fear and Other Uninvited Guests
by Harriet Lerner

A Thousand Sighs, A Thousand Revolts
by Christiane Bird

Orange Crushed
by Pamela Thomas-Graham

by Hari Kunzru

by Christopher Whitcomb

Presidential Leadership
by Leonard Leo

Obliviously On He Sails
by Calvin Trillin

Gag Rule
by Lewis Lapham

A One Woman Man
by Travis Hunter

Cold Case Squad
by Edna Buchanan

The Men We Became
by Robert Littell

Bubbles A Broad
by Sarah Strohmeyer

On Paradise Drive
by David Brooks

The Flame Keepers
by Ned Handy

Dad Interrupted
by Van Whitfield

Logic Made Easy
by Deborah Bennett

Shifting Through Neutral
by Bridgett Davis

by Ted Botha

Success Runs in Our Race
by George Fraser

Your Diet Is Driving Me Crazy
by Cynthia Sass

The Great Game
by Frederick Hitz

by Kent Haruf

One interview [was] with a woman that they said was very conscientious about her diet, which we all know is real common in Hollywood. Except that this woman kept her refrigerator locked. That was her way to keep thin. So, of course, I'm asking, who has the key, and when does it get opened, and when am I going to eat?

- Suzanne Hansen
You'll Never Nanny in This Town Again

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