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Interviews originally posted in 05 / 2005

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The Flight of the Creative Class
by Richard Florida

A Lotus Grows in the Mud
by Goldie Hawn

Death of the Party
by Carolyn Hart

The Story of My Life
by Farah Ahmedi

Coming Up From the Down Low
by J.L. King

Kitty City
by Judy Chicago

The Year of Pleasures
by Elizabeth Berg

Dear Zoe
by Philip Beard

by Nancy Conrad

Company Man
by Joseph Finder

On the Up and Up
by Brenda Stone Browder

Lucky Child
by Loung Ung

Making an Exit
by Elinor Fuchs

The Innocent
by Harlan Coben

Inside the Wire
by Erik Saar

One Soldier's Story
by Bob Dole

Losing Iraq
by David Phillips

John Brown, Abolitionist
by David Reynolds

When Trumpets Call
by Patricia O'Toole

The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank
by Ellen Feldman

Scribbling the Cat
by Alexandra Fuller

Garlic and Sapphires
by Ruth Reichl

The American Cancer Society's Complete Guide To Prostate Cancer
by Dr. David Bostwick

Can't Get Enough
by Connie Briscoe

Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith
by Matthew Stover

by Eric Jerome Dickey

A Sense of Duty
by Quang X. Pham

Most Wanted
by Michele Martinez

The Good, The Bad, and Me
by Eli Wallach

by Jack Welch

Yes, we're more resilient, and we can understand how climate is changing and we can anticipate this threat and react to it, [but there's] one small problem: we haven't done that. The threat has been a subject of national debate for 17 years. Part of the problem is people still think it's a subject of debate.

- Eugene Linden
The Winds of Change

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"Jack Kennedy: The Education of a Statesman" by Barbara Leaming

"Light From Heaven" by Jan Karon

"One Man's Castle" by Phyllis Vine
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