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Interviews originally posted in 12 / 2005

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by Nikki Giovanni

Dog Train
by Sandra Boynton

Fog Facts
by Larry Beinhart

Never Have Your Dog Stuffed
by Alan Alda

Beating Around the Bush
by Art Buchwald

Identity Crisis
by Brad Meltzer

Embracing the Infidel
by Behzad Yaghmaian

Shadows at the Spring Show
by Lea Wait

Are Men Necessary?
by Maureen Dowd

When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World
by Hugh Kennedy

Teacher Man
by Frank McCourt

Essential Manners for Couples
by Peter Post

First Man
by James Hansen

French Women Don't Get Fat
by Mireille Guiliano

Light From Heaven
by Jan Karon

The Lighthouse
by P.D. James

A Breath of Snow and Ashes
by Diana Gabaldon

Breaking Trail
by Arlene Blum

by Frank Warren

Frazz: Live from Bryson Elementary
by Jef Mallett

House Poor
by June Fletcher

The Lost Painting
by Jonathan Harr

The Google Story
by David Vise

One Nation Under God
by James Moore

Fooled Again
by Mark Crispin Miller

The All-American Dessert Book
by Nancy Baggett

The Great Wines of America
by Paul Lukacs

The Areas of My Expertise
by John Hodgman

Facing Rushmore
by David Lozell Martin

Going Sane
by Adam Phillips

We had a very good opportunity to eliminate [Osama] bin Laden and, of course, missed that. But there had been many opportunities prior to the Afghan campaign where bin Laden could have been removed, could have been either captured or killed. And the [U.S.] government didn't step up to the task.

- Gary Berntsen

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"Prince of Fire" by Daniel Silva
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