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Interviews originally posted in 05 / 2006

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The View From the Center of the Universe
by Joel Primack

Stand For Something
by John Kasich

Ludmila's Broken English
by DBC Pierre

Terror on the Internet
by Gabriel Weimann

Growing Girls
by Jeanne Marie Laskas

Lost in the Garden
by Philip Beard

Nine Months at Ground Zero
by Charles Vitchers

The K Street Gang
by Matthew Continetti

Blood, Sweat and Tears
by Michele Turk

A Death in Belmont
by Sebastian Junger

Promise Me
by Harlan Coben

The One That Got Away
by Howell Raines

This Book Will Save Your Life
by A.M. Homes

The Tuesday Erotica Club
by Lisa Beth Kovetz

And Never Stop Dancing
by Dr. Gordon Livingston

Open Target
by Clark Kent Ervin

The Stolen Child
by Keith Donohue

by David Maraniss

Man in the Shadows
by Efraim Halevy

A Writer's Life
by Gay Talese

House of War
by James Carroll

A Twist of Lemmon
by Chris Lemmon

Chasing Ghosts
by Paul Rieckhoff

Unknown Soldiers
by Neil Hanson

I Say a Little Prayer
by E. Lynn Harris

The Faithful Spy
by Alex Berenson

Miracle in the Andes
by Nando Parrado

Shooting Star
by Tom Wicker

Living With Type 2 Diabetes
by Gloria Loring

The Man of My Dreams
by Curtis Sittenfeld

A G-Man's Life
by John O'Connor

Hung Out to Die
by Sharon Short

by Daniel "Lemony Snicket" Handler

Yes, class played a huge role. But class makes race hurt more. I think even if it had been poor white people, the government may not have been able to get there, but they might have tried in different ways.

- Michael Eric Dyson
Come Hell or High Water

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