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All interviews originally posted in 2004

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What Next?
by Barbara Moses

Life on the Outside
by Jennifer Gonnerman

American Gulag
by Mark Dow

Essential Manners for Men
by Peter Post

Play Baseball The Ripken Way
by Cal Ripken

A Term at the Fed
by Laurence Meyer

The Con Man's Daughter
by Ed Dee

Brothers in Arms
by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Gotham Diaries
by Tonya Lewis Lee

Leadership Presence
by Belle Linda Halpern

The Oil Factor
by Stephen Leeb

Be More Chill
by Ned Vizzini

My Fellow Americans
by Michael Waldman

Big Russ and Me
by Tim Russert

Shadow Divers
by Robert Kurson

Family Circle
by Susan Braudy

Murder Walks the Plank
by Carolyn Hart

by Michael Hardt

Fanny: A Fiction
by Edmund White

The Right Address
by Jill Kargman

Little Scarlet
by Walter Mosley

Judy Garland: A Portrait in Art and Anecdote
by John Fricke

Alexander Hamilton
by Ron Chernow

Blackbird House
by Alice Hoffman

Spirit of Harlem
by Craig Marberry

Skeletons on the Zahara
by Dean King

Losing America
by Sen. Robert Byrd

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Healthiness
by Dr. Dean Edell

The Narrows
by Michael Connelly

Inside the Kingdom
by Carmen bin Ladin

Brave Men, Gentle Heroes
by Michael Takiff

Grace and Power
by Sally Bedell Smith

Iron Council
by China Miéville

American Dynasty
by Kevin Phillips

Rewriting History
by Dick Morris

Drive Me Crazy
by Eric Jerome Dickey

Slate's Field Guide to the Candidates 2004
by Will Saletan

Queen of the Turtle Derby
by Julia Reed

by Karin Slaughter

An End to Evil
by David Frum

Defending Baltimore From Enemy Attack
by Charles Osgood

The Halo Effect
by M.J. Rose

Oracle Night
by Paul Auster

Confessions of a Bigamist
by Kate Lehrer

Strange But True
by John Searles

Negotiate This!
by Herb Cohen

Memorial Day
by Vince Flynn

Public Enemies
by Bryan Burrough

This Just In
by Bob Schieffer

Free Culture
by Lawrence Lessig

Seeking Salamanca Mitchell
by Kenji Jasper

by Mark Kurlansky

Our Mothers' War
by Emily Yellin

So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star
by Jacob Slichter

Alienable Rights
by Barry Sanders

Good Blood
by Aaron Elkins

The Candidate
by Paul Alexander

Dr. Ro's Ten Secrets to Livin' Healthy
by Dr. Rovenia Brock

The Pentagon's New Map
by Thomas Barnett

All Fishermen Are Liars
by Linda Greenlaw

Dead Line
by Brian McGrory

Leaving Cecil Street
by Diane McKinney Whetstone

Why Marriage Matters
by Evan Wolfson

The Perfect Wife
by Ann Gerhart

Sweet Land Stories
by E. L. Doctorow

by James Chace

Warrior Soul
by Chuck Pfarrer

Liars and Thieves
by Stephen Coonts

The Roosevelts and the Royals
by Will Swift

A Traveler's Guide to the Civil Rights Movement
by Jim Carrier

At The Abyss
by Thomas Reed

All the Centurions
by Robert Leuci

The Zero Game
by Brad Meltzer

Nighttime Is My Time
by Mary Higgins Clark

Bush On The Couch
by Dr. Justin Frank

Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom
by Catherine Clinton

The Freedom Line
by Peter Eisner

God and George W. Bush
by Paul Kengor

by Ken Auletta

The 25 Best World War II Sites: European Theater
by Chuck Thompson

Reagan and Gorbachev
by Amb. Jack Matlock

Leadership Sopranos Style
by Deborrah Himsel

The Rule of Four
by Ian Caldwell

by Zane

I Give You My Word
by C. Welton Gaddy

America on Trial
by Alan Dershowitz

How Full Is Your Bucket?
by Tom Rath

Loving Che
by Ana Menendez

The Party, After You Left
by Roz Chast

Lemon City
by Elaine Meryl Brown

Down and Dirty Pictures
by Peter Biskind

The Exception to the Rulers
by Amy Goodman

The Missing Peace
by Dennis Ross

The Healthy Heart Miracle
by Dr.Gabe & Diana Mirkin

Bone to Pick
by Ellis Cose

Cold Blooded
by Omar Tyree

Vertical Coffin
by Stephen J. Cannell

Hank Aaron and the Home Run That Changed America
by Tom Stanton

Step Wars
by Grace Gabe

Prisoners of War
by Steve Yarbrough

Pushkin and the Queen of Spades
by Alice Randall

Where the Right Went Wrong
by Patrick Buchanan

Animal Talk
by Tim Friend

Every Time I Talk to Liston
by Brian DeVido

by Lorraine Adams

A Promise to Remember
by Michael Berenbaum

Flying Crows
by Jim Lehrer

Shakedown Beach
by Eric Dezenhall

Girl, Make Your Money Grow!
by Glinda Bridgforth

by Danzy Senna

Nuclear Terrorism
by Graham Allison

The Genome War
by James Shreeve

by Bill Sammon

Dark Voyage
by Alan Furst

by Joseph Finder

Americans in Paris
by Adam Gopnik

The Truth About The Drug Companies
by Marcia Angell

Black Titan
by Carol Jenkins

A Good Year
by Peter Mayle

Sammy's Hill
by Kristin Gore

The Perfect Fit Diet
by Dr. Lisa Sanders

Winning Every Time
by Lis Wiehl

by Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Give Me a Break
by John Stossel

The Politics of Truth
by Joseph Wilson

Shenandoah Summer
by John Jaffe

High Country
by Nevada Barr

Jack in the Box
by John Weisman

It's My America Too
by Ben Ferguson

The World's Fittest You
by Joe Decker

Don't Play in the Sun
by Marita Golden

Peter and the Starcatchers
by Dave Barry

How Can I Forgive You?
by Janis Abrahms Spring

by Robert Reich

Liberating Paris
by Linda Bloodworth Thomason

by Michael Deaver

No Secrets, No Lies
by Robin Stone

The Greatest Communicator
by Dick Wirthlin

Empress Orchid
by Anchee Min

The Rise of the Vulcans
by James Mann

Playing With Boys
by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez

Betty Shabazz
by Russell Rickford

Mom, Can I Move Back in With You?
by Linda Perlman Gordon

Paradise City
by Lorenzo Carcaterra

Bad Publicity
by Jeffrey Frank

Adam's Curse
by Brian Sykes

The Serpent and the Moon
by Princess Michael of Kent

Pattern Recognition
by William Gibson

Pull Me Up
by Dan Barry

In the Shadow of No Towers
by Art Spiegelman

The Mommy Myth
by Susan Douglas

Monday Mourning
by Kathy Reichs

Inside CentCom
by Mike DeLong

The Radioactive Boy Scout
by Ken Silverstein

Plain Heathen Mischief
by Martin Clark

Outside Valentine
by Liza Ward

by Thomas Mallon

Why Lincoln Matters
by Mario Cuomo

Little Earthquakes
by Jennifer Weiner

The Real Thing
by Constance Hays

by Carol Higgins Clark

Season of Life
by Jeffrey Marx

When Washington Was in Vogue
by Adam McKible

Ron Brown's Body
by Jack Cashill

Against All Odds
by Chuck Norris

Toward Commitment
by Diane & John Rehm

Noble Rot
by William Echikson

Incubus Dreams
by Laurell K. Hamilton

I'm With Stupid
by Gina Barreca

The Etiquette of Illness
by Susan Halpern

Reckless Disregard
by Robert "Buzz" Patterson

The Birth of Venus
by Sarah Dunant

The Meaning of Ichiro
by Robert Whiting

Of Grunge and Government
by Krist Novoselic

The Naked Crowd
by Jeffrey Rosen

by Reagan Louie

Red Light Wives
by Mary Monroe

Generation S.L.U.T.
by Marty Beckerman

The Connection
by Stephen Hayes

Broadway: The American Musical
by Michael Kantor

The Morning After
by Lisa Jackson

Into the Unknown
by Jack Uldrich

The Experts' Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How To Do
by Samantha Ettus

God and Ronald Reagan
by Paul Kengor

A Mighty Fortress
by Steven Ozment

The Inner Circle
by T.C. Boyle

Hard Revolution
by George Pelecanos

This Man's Army
by Andrew Exum

Any Place I Hang My Hat
by Susan Isaacs

The Two Americas
by Stanley Greenberg

In Praise of Slowness
by Carl Honoré

Because He Could
by Dick Morris

Mayada: Daughter of Iraq
by Jean Sasson

One With Nineveh
by Paul Ehrlich

The God Gene
by Dean Hamer

Is Your Parent in Good Hands?
by Edward Carnot

Forty Signs of Rain
by Kim Stanley Robinson

The Complete Cartoons of The New Yorker
by Robert Mankoff

The Intelligencer
by Leslie Silbert

A Terrible Love of War
by James Hillman

The Pearl Diver
by Sujata Massey

by Jenyne Raines

By A Spider's Thread
by Laura Lippman

Magical Thinking
by Augusten Burroughs

The Fabric of the Cosmos
by Brian Greene

The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin
by Gordon Wood

Unfit Commander
by Glenn Smith

Call of the Mall
by Paco Underhill

The Latino Wave
by Jorge Ramos

Double Homicide
by Jonathan & Faye Kellerman

A Question of Blood
by Ian Rankin

Rambam's Ladder
by Julie Salamon

Veering Right
by Charles Tiefer

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You
by Laurie Lynn Drummond

Bad Men
by John Connolly

Sir Winston Churchill: His Life and His Paintings
by Minnie Churchill

Blinded by the Sunlight
by Matthew McAllester

In The Company of Heroes
by Michael Durant

Who The Hell's In It
by Peter Bogdanovich

Cosmopolitan Girls
by Lyah LeFlore

Stand Up, Fight Back
by E.J. Dionne

Against the Odds
by James Dyson

Turning the Mind Into an Ally
by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Obliviously On He Sails
by Calvin Trillin

Life Mask
by Emma Donoghue

'Tis Herself
by Maureen O'Hara

From Rage to Reason
by Janet Langhart Cohen

Lying Together
by Jennifer Beth Cohen

Become an Energy Addict
by Jon Gordon

High Steel
by Jim Rasenberger

In The Night Room
by Peter Straub

Burning Down My Masters' House
by Jayson Blair

Fear and Other Uninvited Guests
by Harriet Lerner

The Uncivil War
by David Lebedoff

Over the Moat
by James Sullivan

by Hari Kunzru

Birds Without Wings
by Louis de Bernieres

Six Questions of Socrates
by Christopher Phillips

On Paradise Drive
by David Brooks

The Sweet Potato Queens' Field Guide to Men
by Jill Conner Browne

The Prisoner of Vandam Street
by Kinky Friedman

Logic Made Easy
by Deborah Bennett

Soul City
by Touré

Breaking the Tongue
by Vyvyane Loh

Success Runs in Our Race
by George Fraser

Face the Nation
by Bob Schieffer

Independent Nation
by John Avlon

Cold Case Squad
by Edna Buchanan

The Dogs of Bedlam Farm
by Jon Katz

Disarming Iraq
by Hans Blix

The Great Game
by Frederick Hitz

by Walter Zacharius

Bush Country
by John Podhoretz

More Equal Than Others
by Godfrey Hodgson

They Made America
by Harold Evans

Expecting to Fly
by Martha Tod Dudman

We Need to Talk About Kevin
by Lionel Shriver

Dying in the Dark
by Valerie Wilson Wesley

Before It Happens To You
by Dr. Jonathan Sackner Bernstein

The Seven-Day Weekend
by Ricardo Semler

Twice Adopted
by Michael Reagan

Operatives, Spies, and Saboteurs
by Patrick O'Donnell

Out of Bounds
by Jeff Benedict

The Boy Who Would Live Forever
by Frederik Pohl

The Perfect Blend
by C. Kelly Robinson

The Irish Game
by Matthew Hart

In Focus
by Leah Bendavid-Val

The Princes of Ireland
by Edward Rutherfurd

Better Than I Know Myself
by Donna Grant

Help: The Original Human Dilemma
by Garret Keizer

A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies
by John Murray

Blood From Stones
by Douglas Farah

by Nigella Lawson

The Great Influenza
by John Barry

The Zenith Angle
by Bruce Sterling

Love and Honor
by Randall Wallace

The Pecking Order
by Dalton Conley

Radio Activity
by Bill Fitzhugh

Devil in the Details
by Jennifer Traig

Origins of the Crash
by Roger Lowenstein

What Really Happened to the Class of '93
by Chris Colin

Courting Justice
by David Boies

A Splendor of Letters
by Nicholas Basbanes

This Side of Married
by Rachel Pastan

To The Last Man
by Jeff Shaara

Paper Trail
by Ellen Goodman

Heavenly Intrigue
by Joshua Gilder

The Godfather Returns
by Mark Winegardner

by Chang-rae Lee

The Ten Basic Principles of Good Parenting
by Laurence Steinberg

FBI Girl
by Maura Conlon-McIvor

Clinton and Me
by Mark Katz

Banana Republicans
by Sheldon Rampton

by Tim Junkin

American Sucker
by David Denby

Bush Must Go
by Bill Press

The Warlord's Son
by Dan Fesperman

A Rage for Glory
by James Tertius de Kay

Bride in Overdrive
by Jorie Green Mark

Ticket to Ride
by Larry Kane

Beyond Choice
by Alexander Sanger

We're Still Family
by Constance Ahrons

Cooking With My Sisters
by Mary Trigiani

The Spiral Staircase
by Karen Armstrong

by Christopher Whitcomb

Dessert University
by Roland Mesnier

Theodore Roosevelt: A Strenuous Life
by Kathleen Dalton

A Thousand Sighs, A Thousand Revolts
by Christiane Bird

The Mystery of Olga Chekhova
by Antony Beevor

The Cloud Atlas
by Liam Callanan

The Men We Became
by Robert Littell

Eats, Shoots and Leaves
by Lynne Truss

I Had Brain Surgery, What's Your Excuse?
by Suzy Becker

Gag Rule
by Lewis Lapham

Breaking Ground
by Daniel Libeskind

Confessions of a Tax Collector
by Richard Yancey

The Flame Keepers
by Ned Handy

Wolves Eat Dogs
by Martin Cruz Smith

Pandora's Baby
by Robin Marantz Henig

Shifting Through Neutral
by Bridgett Davis

Someone Not Really Her Mother
by Harriet Scott Chessman

Operation Overflight
by Francis Gary Powers Jr.

Your Diet Is Driving Me Crazy
by Cynthia Sass

The Turkish Lover
by Esmeralda Santiago

Whisker of Evil
by Rita Mae Brown

by Kent Haruf

About Grace
by Anthony Doerr

Caddy for Life
by John Feinstein

Free Money to Pay Your Bills
by Matthew Lesko

Let Me Tell You a Story
by John Feinstein

Begging For Change
by Robert Egger

Blood Done Sign My Name
by Timothy Tyson

Ronnie and Nancy
by Bob Colacello

The Bushes
by Rochelle Schweizer

No Ordinary Matter
by Jenny McPhee

A Tale of Love and Darkness
by Amos Oz

The 1001 Rewards and Recognition Fieldbook
by Bob Nelson

The Grand Idea
by Joel Achenbach

A Blessing of Bread
by Maggie Glezer

by Robert Sullivan

The Book of Salt
by Monique Truong

The Know-It-All
by A.J. Jacobs

Fanatics and Fools
by Arianna Huffington

Status Anxiety
by Alain de Botton

Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis
by Alexandra Robbins

The Priestly Sins
by Andrew Greeley

Who Let the Dogs In?
by Molly Ivins

Life In The Galloping Lane
by Karen & David O'Connor

My Sister's Keeper
by Jodi Picoult

The Deceivers
by Thaddeus Holt

Scared Money
by James Hime

First Service
by Andrea Jaeger

by Nicole Bailey-Williams

The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes
by Leslie Klinger

Hating America
by John Gibson

Port Mungo
by Patrick McGrath

The Art of The Lord of the Rings
by Alan Lee

The Beatles Come to America
by Martin Goldsmith

One Man's Castle
by Phyllis Vine

How to Say It When You Don't Know What to Say
by Robbie Miller Kaplan

It's a Long Way From Penny Apples
by Bill Cullen

The Lobster Coast
by Colin Woodard

The Longest Winter
by Alex Kershaw

If Roast Beef Could Fly
by Jay Leno

The Essential America
by George McGovern

Wings of Grace
by Vanessa Davis Griggs

Divining Women
by Kaye Gibbons

The Myth of Moral Justice
by Thane Rosenbaum

Doug's Rooms
by Doug Wilson

A Spectacle of Corruption
by David Liss

by Barry Lopez

Ballad of the Whiskey Robber
by Julian Rubinstein

Blue Blood
by Edward Conlon

Fat Man Fed Up
by Jack Germond

Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles Cookbook
by Anthony Bourdain

Lost in America
by Sherwin Nuland

Presidential Leadership
by Leonard Leo

Life Expectancy
by Dean Koontz

My Name is Bill
by Susan Cheever

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
by Joe Trippi

Speak, So You Can Speak Again
by Lucy Anne Hurston

The Children of the Roses
by Warren Adler

Orange Crushed
by Pamela Thomas-Graham

The Autobiography of Santa Claus
by Jeff Guinn

I Love Being a Mom
by Therese Borchard

A One Woman Man
by Travis Hunter

When Nothing Else Matters
by Michael Leahy

Wealthy Choices
by Penelope Tzougros

Bubbles A Broad
by Sarah Strohmeyer

Reagan's Path to Victory
by Kiron Skinner

Perfect Sax
by Jerrilyn Farmer

Dad Interrupted
by Van Whitfield

Queenan Country
by Joe Queenan

Dream Coaching
by David Lohff

by Ted Botha

Queen of Dreams
by Chitra Divakaruni

The President of Good and Evil
by Peter Singer

Mama Gena's Marriage Manual
by Regena Thomashauer

The Borowitz Report
by Andy Borowitz

I find it very unusual -- almost unique -- that there was this product that crossed all socioeconomic lines. That rich and poor were eating not only the same [food], but prepared in the same way. The only difference between eating an oyster in the worst slums and in Delmonico's at a banquet for the President is the plate would be fancier.

- Mark Kurlansky
The Big Oyster

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