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All interviews originally posted in 2005

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How to Make a Million Dollars With Your Voice
by Gary Owens

In the Shadows of the Sun
by Alexander Parsons

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
by Aron Ralston

Poe's Heart and the Mountain Climber
by Dr. Richard Restak

How About That!
by Stephen Borelli

The Good, the Bad and the Very Slimy
by R.L. Stine

de Kooning: An American Master
by Mark Stevens

The Black Angel
by John Connolly

Chill Factor
by Sandra Brown

Not Much Just Chillin'
by Linda Perlstein

Sneaking Into the Flying Circus
by Alexandra Pelosi

The Life of David
by Robert Pinsky

American Brutus
by Michael Kauffman

Evidence of Love
by Melissa McConnell

Wickett's Remedy
by Myla Goldberg

by I.C. Smith

by Dean Koontz

Son of a Witch
by Gregory Maguire

Freedom Rising
by Ernest Furgurson

Meet You in Hell
by Les Standiford

Imperial Grunts
by Robert Kaplan

Oh, Play That Thing
by Roddy Doyle

by Steven Sorrentino

Night Draws Near
by Anthony Shadid

The Zigzag Way
by Anita Desai

The Treehouse
by Naomi Wolf

The Divide
by Nicholas Evans

The Vagabonds
by Nicholas Delbanco

by Gigi Anders

The Painted Drum
by Louise Erdrich

Joy Comes in the Morning
by Jonathan Rosen

The Twelfth Card
by Jeffery Deaver

First Families
by Bonnie Angelo

By Order of the President
by W.E.B. Griffin

Nanny 911
by Stella Reid

Friends, Lovers, Chocolate
by Alexander McCall Smith

We Shall Overcome
by Herb Boyd

What Is Your Life's Work?
by Bill Jensen

The City of Falling Angels
by John Berendt

The Death of Innocents
by Sister Helen Prejean

A Long Way Down
by Nick Hornby

The World Was Going Our Way
by Christopher Andrew

Born Fighting
by James Webb

Babylon Sisters
by Pearl Cleage

The CIA and Congress
by David Barrett

Animals in Translation
by Temple Grandin

Morning, Noon and Night
by Judy Collins

An Atomic Romance
by Bobbie Ann Mason

All the Power
by Mark Andersen

The Best Year of Their Lives
by Lance Morrow

Adventures of a Continental Drifter
by Elliott Hester

A Question of Loyalty
by Douglas Waller

The Men Who Stare at Goats
by Jon Ronson

The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved
by Mario Livio

The Memory of Running
by Ron McLarty

Oh the Glory of It All
by Sean Wilsey

Soul Matters
by Yolonda Tonette Sanders

The Kennedy Assassination Tapes
by Max Holland

The Boys of Pointe du Hoc
by Douglas Brinkley

Secrets of the Widow's Son
by Daniel Burstein

Rockville Pike
by Susan Coll

To the Power of Three
by Laura Lippman

Symptoms of Withdrawal
by Christopher Kennedy Lawford

The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios
by Yann Martel

Robbing the Bees
by Holley Bishop

Copy This!
by Paul Orfalea

The Success Principles
by Jack Canfield

First In
by Gary Schroen

by K'wan

The Preachers's Son
by Carl Weber

by Jack Coughlin

Fate's Redemption
by Keith Lee Johnson

by Pete Hamill

Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior
by Judith Martin

The Age of Anxiety
by Haynes Johnson

Bucking the Sarge
by Christopher Paul Curtis

My Fathers' Houses
by Steven Roberts

The E-Bomb
by Doug Beason

Blowing My Cover
by Lindsay Moran

Blinding Light
by Paul Theroux

Pardonable Lies
by Jacqueline Winspear

Life Studies
by Susan Vreeland

Please Don't Come Back From the Moon
by Dean Bakopoulos

How to Cook Your Daughter
by Jessica Hendra

America's Game
by Michael MacCambridge

by Wesley Stace

Lennon Revealed
by Larry Kane

Mail Call
by R. Lee Ermey

Bound for Canaan
by Fergus Bordewich

Don't Get Too Comfortable
by David Rakoff

Dear Senator
by Essie Mae Washington-Williams

The Truth About Hillary
by Edward Klein

Katz on Dogs
by Jon Katz

The RocketReview Revolution
by Adam Robinson

The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana
by Umberto Eco

Princes of Darkness
by Laurent Murawiec

Cat's Eyewitness
by Rita Mae Brown

In the Shadow of the Law
by Kermit Roosevelt

Iraq Confidential
by Scott Ritter

The Last Kingdom
by Bernard Cornwell

White House Nannies
by Barbara Kline

Saving Fish From Drowning
by Amy Tan

Ready or Not, Here Life Comes
by Dr. Mel Levine

The Wonder Spot
by Melissa Bank

Storming the Court
by Brandt Goldstein

Reagan's Revolution
by Craig Shirley

The Etiquette Advantage in Business
by Peter Post

The Interpreter
by Alice Kaplan

Do You Speak American?
by Robert MacNeil

Making Kind Choices
by Ingrid Newkirk

A Bed of Red Flowers
by Nelofer Pazira

Baker Towers
by Jennifer Haigh

Ultramarathon Man
by Dean Karnazes

Eyes of the Emperor
by Graham Salisbury

Hero Mama
by Karen Spears Zacharias

Devil's Corner
by Lisa Scottoline

Cinnamon Kiss
by Walter Mosley

The Dominion of War
by Andrew Cayton

The Washingtonienne
by Jessica Cutler

The Bright Forever
by Lee Martin

Moral Courage
by Rushworth Kidder

Radical Evolution
by Joel Garreau

Breaking Point
by Suzanne Brockmann

It's My Party Too
by Christine Todd Whitman

Body for Life for Women
by Dr. Pamela Peeke

The Assassins
by Oliver North

by Richard North Patterson

The Historian
by Elizabeth Kostova

Consent to Kill
by Vince Flynn

Big Bang
by Simon Singh

100 People Who Are Screwing Up America
by Bernard Goldberg

The Beauty of Color
by Iman

Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life
by Larry Winget

The Survivor
by John Harris

A Day in the Life of the American Woman
by Carol Saline

Good Night, Sleep Tight
by Kim West

Bookmark Now
by Kevin Smokler

Dream Boogie
by Peter Guralnick

by Linda Fairstein

by Geneva Holliday

Tab Hunter Confidential
by Tab Hunter

The Best-Kept Secret
by Kimberla Lawson Roby

by Edna Buchanan

The Story of Science, Book Two: Newton at the Center
by Joy Hakim

Cleaning Up
by Barry Minkow

You: The Owner's Manual
by Dr. Mehmet Oz

The Planets
by Dava Sobel

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart
by Dr. Gordon Livingston

by Richard Marcinko

The Wolves at the Door
by Judith Pearson

The Bachelorette Party
by Karen McCullah Lutz

by Brad Thor

Red Star Rogue
by Kenneth Sewell

Peace is the Way
by Deepak Chopra

Direct Action
by John Weisman

The Camel Club
by David Baldacci

The Geographer's Library
by Jon Fasman

Confessions of a Recovering Slut
by Hollis Gillespie

Living Islam Out Loud
by Saleemah Abdul-Ghafur

The Executioner's Game
by Gary Hardwick

72 Hour Hold
by Bebe Moore Campbell

I Have Chosen to Stay and Fight
by Margaret Cho

Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse
by Phyllis Diller

One Dangerous Lady
by Jane Stanton Hitchcock

Another Shulman
by Alan Zweibel

by Wendy Wasserstein

Meet the Beatles
by Steven Stark

The Penultimate Peril
by Daniel "Lemony Snicket" Handler

Riding With Reagan
by John Barletta

Boss Lady
by Omar Tyree

The Rise of American Democracy
by Sean Wilentz

I'll Be Watching You
by Andrea Kane

by Laurence Leamer

Team of Rivals
by Doris Kearns Goodwin

Strange Affair
by Peter Robinson

Cross Bones
by Kathy Reichs

by Moisés Naím

Fleshmarket Alley
by Ian Rankin

Dying to Win
by Robert Pape

What Goes Up
by Eric Weiner

Splendid Solution
by Jeffrey Kluger

The Interruption of Everything
by Terry McMillan

Truth: A Guide
by Simon Blackburn

The Forgotten Man
by Robert Crais

The Emperor of Wine
by Elin McCoy

Seven Lies
by James Lasdun

The Gift of Change
by Marianne Williamson

The Rescue Artist
by Edward Dolnick

Funny Ladies
by Liza Donnelly

The White Rose
by Jean Hanff Korelitz

High Plains Tango
by Robert James Waller

Confessions of a French Baker
by Peter Mayle

Between Good and Evil
by Roger Depue

The Lady and the Panda
by Vicki Constantine Croke

Unforgiving Shadows
by Ray Flynt

Mystery of the Nile
by Pasquale Scaturro

Killing Rain
by Barry Eisler

Mirror to America
by John Hope Franklin

Conspiracy of Fools
by Kurt Eichenwald

Squandered Victory
by Larry Diamond

My American Life
by Dr. Price Cobbs

Plan B
by Anne Lamott

Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way
by Bruce Campbell

Tommy Dorsey: Livin' in a Great Big Way
by Peter Levinson

Prince of Fire
by Daniel Silva

The Icarus Girl
by Helen Oyeyemi

Ordinary Heroes
by Scott Turow

Ten Little New Yorkers
by Kinky Friedman

Empires of the Word
by Nicholas Ostler

by Mary Roach

On Hitler's Mountain
by Irmgard Hunt

109 East Palace
by Jennet Conant

A Crack in the Edge of the World
by Simon Winchester

Speak Softly, She Can Hear
by Pam Lewis

First Love
by Adrienne Sharp

Do As I Say (Not As I Do)
by Peter Schweizer

So Help Me God
by Roy Moore

Two Trains Running
by Andrew Vachss

The New American Revolution
by Tammy Bruce

The Majority Rules
by Eugene Sullivan

A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World
by Isabel Losada

by Octavia Butler

The Sociopath Next Door
by Martha Stout

by Hendrik Hertzberg

The Fall of Lucifer
by Wendy Alec

The Bonus Army
by Paul Dickson

Big Fat Liars
by Dr. Morris Chafetz

The West's Last Chance
by Tony Blankley

Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die
by Nancy Martin

Faith at War
by Yaroslav Trofimov

The Scorpion's Gate
by Richard Clarke

by Ian McEwan

The Hypomanic Edge
by John Gartner

The Loch
by Steve Alten

Instant Persuasion
by Laurie Puhn

by Marc Romano

Tony and Me
by Jack Klugman

God's Politics
by Jim Wallis

Becoming Justice Blackmun
by Linda Greenhouse

Television in Black-and-White America
by Alan Nadel

Nothing's Sacred
by Lewis Black

White Collar Zen
by Steven Heine

by Hazel Rowley

Torpedo Juice
by Tim Dorsey

Young Patriots
by Charles Cerami

What Remains
by Carole Radziwill

by Koren Zailckas

Shadow Patriots
by Lucia St. Clair Robson

Out of Season
by Robert Bausch

Jefferson's Vendetta
by Joseph Wheelan

Nobody Likes Me, Everybody Hates Me
by Michele Borba

Faith for Beginners
by Aaron Hamburger

Without Apology
by Leah Hager Cohen

The Stink Files 003: You Only Have Nine Lives
by Jennifer Holm

The Reluctant Parting
by Julie Galambush

The Ha-Ha
by Dave King

by Rita Ewing

by Sherwin Nuland

With No One As Witness
by Elizabeth George

A Perfect Stranger
by Roxana Robinson

Sleeping With Custer And the 7th Cavalry
by Walter Rodgers

My Life So Far
by Jane Fonda

Grave Intent
by Deborah LeBlanc

One Bullet Away
by Nathaniel Fick

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
by Jonathan Safran Foer

by Ted Bell

Soul Cavalcade
by Robert Dunn

High Definition Life
by Luis Palau

Cruel World
by Lynn Nicholas

I Don't Need A Record Deal!
by Daylle Deanna Schwartz

The Way Home
by Ernestine Bradley

The Gift of Valor
by Michael Phillips

The Typhoon Lover
by Sujata Massey

Wolves in Chic Clothing
by Jill Kargman

Pawley's Island
by Dorothea Benton Frank

Marrying Up
by Nina Foxx

Break, Blow, Burn
by Camille Paglia

Praying For Gil Hodges
by Tom Oliphant

The Vow
by Denene Millner

William Pitt the Younger
by William Hague

The Pig Book
by David Williams

Blueprint for Action
by Thomas Barnett

The 3-Hour Diet
by Jorge Cruise

Wild Dogs
by Helen Humphreys

Burn Before Reading
by Stansfield Turner

No Place Like Home
by Mary Higgins Clark

Russell the Sheep
by Rob Scotton

by Michael Cunningham

The Incredible World of Spy-Fi
by Danny Biederman

Cold Hit
by Stephen J. Cannell

A Left-hand Turn Around the World
by David Wolman

Saving Cascadia
by John J. Nance

Herding Cats
by Sen. Trent Lott

Beethoven: The Universal Composer
by Edmund Morris

The Flight of the Creative Class
by Richard Florida

by Christopher Paolini

Shakespeare: The Biography
by Peter Ackroyd

The Story of My Life
by Farah Ahmedi

Raising Boys Without Men
by Peggy Drexler

Hiding in the Mirror
by Lawrence Krauss

The Year of Pleasures
by Elizabeth Berg

What a Sista Should Do
by Tiffany L. Warren

by Brian Hayes

Company Man
by Joseph Finder

The Boomer's Guide to Online Dating
by Judsen Culbreth

Life's Little Annoyances
by Ian Urbina

Making an Exit
by Elinor Fuchs

End of the Line
by Barry Lynn

by Katherine Albrecht

One Soldier's Story
by Bob Dole

Mew is for Murder
by Clea Simon

Fifty Degrees Below
by Kim Stanley Robinson

When Trumpets Call
by Patricia O'Toole

Love My Rifle More Than You
by Kayla Williams

One Woman's Army
by Janis Karpinski

Garlic and Sapphires
by Ruth Reichl

The Faith of the American Soldier
by Stephen Mansfield

Forever a Soldier
by Tom Wiener

Star Wars Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith
by Matthew Stover

War & Destiny
by James Kitfield

Going Overboard
by Sarah Smiley

Most Wanted
by Michele Martinez

Within Arm's Reach
by Ann Napolitano

The Way of the Road Warrior
by Rob Jolles

A Lotus Grows in the Mud
by Goldie Hawn

A New Adventure Every Day
by David Silberkleit

by Nikki Giovanni

Coming Up From the Down Low
by J.L. King

Thirty-Three Swoons
by Martha Cooley

Never Have Your Dog Stuffed
by Alan Alda

Dear Zoe
by Philip Beard

The ACLU vs America
by Alan Sears

When Baghdad Ruled the Muslim World
by Hugh Kennedy

The Innocent
by Harlan Coben

The Accidental Masterpiece
by Michael Kimmelman

Embracing the Infidel
by Behzad Yaghmaian

On the Up and Up
by Brenda Stone Browder

This Enemy Town
by Marcia Talley

First Man
by James Hansen

Losing Iraq
by David Phillips

The Trudeau Vector
by Juris Jurjevics

The Lighthouse
by P.D. James

The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank
by Ellen Feldman

My Face is Black is True
by Mary Frances Berry

by Frank Warren

The American Cancer Society's Complete Guide To Prostate Cancer
by Dr. David Bostwick

The First Emancipator
by Andrew Levy

The Lost Painting
by Jonathan Harr

by Eric Jerome Dickey

Seize the Fire
by Adam Nicolson

Fooled Again
by Mark Crispin Miller

The Good, The Bad, and Me
by Eli Wallach

Shalimar the Clown
by Salman Rushdie

The Areas of My Expertise
by John Hodgman

Death of the Party
by Carolyn Hart

Dare to Repair Your Car
by Julie Sussman

Dog Train
by Sandra Boynton

Kitty City
by Judy Chicago

The Widow of the South
by Robert Hicks

Beating Around the Bush
by Art Buchwald

by Nancy Conrad

The Mysterious Private Thompson
by Laura Leedy Gansler

Shadows at the Spring Show
by Lea Wait

Lucky Child
by Loung Ung

Remains Silent
by Michael Baden

Teacher Man
by Frank McCourt

Inside the Wire
by Erik Saar

by Charlie Higson

French Women Don't Get Fat
by Mireille Guiliano

John Brown, Abolitionist
by David Reynolds

How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization
by Thomas Woods

A Breath of Snow and Ashes
by Diana Gabaldon

Can't Get Enough
by Connie Briscoe

Lunar Park
by Bret Easton Ellis

Frazz: Live from Bryson Elementary
by Jef Mallett

Scribbling the Cat
by Alexandra Fuller

A Matter of Opinion
by Victor Navasky

The Google Story
by David Vise

A Sense of Duty
by Quang X. Pham

Heavy Words Lightly Thrown
by Chris Roberts

The All-American Dessert Book
by Nancy Baggett

by Jack Welch

How the Republicans Stole Christmas
by Bill Press

Facing Rushmore
by David Lozell Martin

No God But God
by Reza Aslan

The Tribe
by Gregory Townes

Fog Facts
by Larry Beinhart

The Closers
by Michael Connelly

by Mick Foley

Identity Crisis
by Brad Meltzer

Speaking Freely
by Floyd Abrams

Drives Like a Dream
by Porter Shreve

Are Men Necessary?
by Maureen Dowd

Standing Alone in Mecca
by Asra Nomani

What Lincoln Believed
by Michael Lind

Essential Manners for Couples
by Peter Post

The History of Love
by Nicole Krauss

The Diviners
by Rick Moody

Light From Heaven
by Jan Karon

by Liz Smith

My Detachment
by Tracy Kidder

Breaking Trail
by Arlene Blum

Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress
by Susan Jane Gilman

The Hunt Ball
by Rita Mae Brown

House Poor
by June Fletcher

Is Bill Cosby Right?
by Michael Eric Dyson

Inheriting the Holy Land
by Jennifer Miller

One Nation Under God
by James Moore

The Flaming Luau of Death
by Jerrilyn Farmer

Little Beauties
by Kim Addonizio

The Great Wines of America
by Paul Lukacs

by Carol Higgins Clark

The Rabbi's Cat
by Joann Sfar

Going Sane
by Adam Phillips

by Steven Levitt

Freshwater Road
by Denise Nicholas

Rolling Away
by Lynn Marie Smith

Mark Twain: A Life
by Ron Powers

The argument that you would find the Creator's imprint on something like the double helix absolutely infuriated [Crick]. He felt quite the reverse. All his life he'd been told that there was going to be something irreducibly mysterious and magical at the heart of life, and he didn't believe. And he jolly well found out that there wasn't.

- Matt Ridley
Francis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code

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