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Robert  MacNeil

Robert MacNeil
Gregory  Maguire

Gregory Maguire
Richard  Marcinko

Richard Marcinko
Cheech  Marin

Cheech Marin
Yann  Martel

Yann Martel
Lee  Martin

Lee Martin
Valerie  Martin

Valerie Martin
Judith  Martin

Judith Martin
Michele  Martinez

Michele Martinez
Bobbie Ann Mason

Bobbie Ann Mason
Sujata  Massey

Sujata Massey
Amb. Jack  Matlock

Amb. Jack Matlock
Chris  Matthews

Chris Matthews
Peter  Max

Peter Max
Peter  Mayle

Peter Mayle
Alexander  McCall Smith

Alexander McCall Smith
Frank  McCourt

Frank McCourt
Sharyn  McCrumb

Sharyn McCrumb
Colleen  McCullough

Colleen McCullough
John  McEnroe

John McEnroe
George  McGovern

George McGovern
Ron  McLarty

Ron McLarty
Terry  McMillan

Terry McMillan
Brad  Meltzer

Brad Meltzer
Kate  Michelman

Kate Michelman
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You ask yourself, could I kill? Could I kill to protect myself? Of course. Could I kill to protect who I love? I could probably even kill to protect Sneaky Pie, even though she's so egotistical at this point. But would I kill for money? Would I kill for revenge?

- Rita Mae Brown
Sour Puss

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