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Gay  Talese

Gay Talese
Marcia  Talley

Marcia Talley
Amy  Tan

Amy Tan
Regena  Thomashauer

Regena Thomashauer
Linda Bloodworth Thomason

Linda Bloodworth Thomason

Brian  Tracy

Brian Tracy
Calvin  Trillin

Calvin Trillin
Joanna  Trollope

Joanna Trollope
Lynne  Truss

Lynne Truss
Stansfield  Turner

Stansfield Turner
Scott  Turow

Scott Turow
Omar  Tyree

Omar Tyree
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I wanted to show that time in your life when you stop seeing things as a kid and you start seeing things as an adult. Sometimes it's like a light switch, it happens overnight, and sometimes it's a gradual build. And you can't turn it off again. You can't go back to only caring about if you can ride your bike during the day and if you got your math homework done.

- Sarah Grace McCandless
The Girl I Wanted to Be

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