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Frank Warren

Originally posted December 2005


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What's your secret, the one thing you've never told anyone, maybe not even yourself? One man from Maryland is inspiring people to finally reveal those secrets. Frank Warren began by asking people to anonymously send him a postcard. Then he began posting those postcards on a website, and now it's become a global phenomenon. PostSecret, the book, features some of those postcards and the secrets that are finally seeing the light of day.

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Frank Warren is a small business owner who started PostSecret.com as a community art project. Since November 2004 Warren has received more than 150,000 anonymous postcards. The website won two Webby Awards in 2006 and in 2009 was named Weblog of the Year at the Seventh Annual Weblog Awards. The PostSecret project also received a special award from the National Mental Health Association for raising awareness and funds for suicide prevention. Warren lives in Germantown, Maryland, with his wife and daughter.

Find Frank Warren on the web: www.postsecret.com

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