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The Baby Business
by Debora Spar

The Big Oyster
by Mark Kurlansky

The Book of Illusions
by Paul Auster

Baby Momma Drama
by Carl Weber

Big Russ and Me
by Tim Russert

The Book of Jesse
by Michael Rowe

Babylon Sisters
by Pearl Cleage

Big Stone Gap
by Adriana Trigiani

The Book of Rudy
by Rudy Boesch

The Bachelorette Party
by Karen McCullah Lutz

Bill Clinton: An American Journey
by Nigel Hamilton

The Book of Salt
by Monique Truong

by Ken Auletta

Birds Without Wings
by Louis de Bernieres

Bookmark Now
by Kevin Smokler

Bad Boy Brawly Brown
by Walter Mosley

The Birth of Venus
by Sarah Dunant

The Boomer's Guide to Online Dating
by Judsen Culbreth

Bad Men
by John Connolly

by Nora Roberts

Born Fighting
by James Webb

Bad Publicity
by Jeffrey Frank

Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers
by Guerrilla Girls

The Borowitz Report
by Andy Borowitz

Baker Towers
by Jennifer Haigh

by James Lee Burke

Boss Lady
by Omar Tyree

Balance of Power
by Richard North Patterson

by Christopher Whitcomb

Bound for Canaan
by Fergus Bordewich

Ballad of the Whiskey Robber
by Julian Rubinstein

The Black Angel
by John Connolly

The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank
by Ellen Feldman

Balsamic Dreams
by Joe Queenan

Black Coffee
by Tracy Price-Thompson

The Boy Who Would Live Forever
by Frederik Pohl

Banana Republicans
by Sheldon Rampton

Black Like You
by John Strausbaugh

by Robert Coram

by Thomas Mallon

Black Titan
by Carol Jenkins

The Boys of Pointe du Hoc
by Douglas Brinkley

Bare Bones
by Kathy Reichs

by Jennifer Lauck

The Boys' Crusade
by Paul Fussell

by Alex Wellen

Blackbird House
by Alice Hoffman

by Peggy Klaus

Barney Ross
by Douglas Century

Blake's Therapy
by Ariel Dorfman

Brave Men, Gentle Heroes
by Michael Takiff

Barracuda 945
by Patrick Robinson

Blanche Passes Go
by Barbara Neely

Break No Bones
by Kathy Reichs

The Battle for Peace
by Tony Zinni

A Blessing of Bread
by Maggie Glezer

Break, Blow, Burn
by Camille Paglia

Be More Chill
by Ned Vizzini

by Anna Quindlen

Breaking Faith
by John Cornwell

Be My Knife
by David Grossman

Blind Ambitions
by Lolita Files

Breaking Ground
by Daniel Libeskind

The Bear and the Dragon
by Tom Clancy

A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You
by Amy Bloom

Breaking Point
by Suzanne Brockmann

Beating Around the Bush
by Art Buchwald

Blinded by the Sunlight
by Matthew McAllester

Breaking the Tongue
by Vyvyane Loh

The Beatles Come to America
by Martin Goldsmith

Blinding Light
by Paul Theroux

Breaking Trail
by Arlene Blum

Beauty in the Beasts
by Kristin von Kreisler

by Karin Slaughter

A Breath of Snow and Ashes
by Diana Gabaldon

The Beauty of Color
by Iman

by Joyce Carol Oates

Breathing Room
by Patricia Elam

by Jenyne Raines

Blood and Honey
by Ron Haviv

Brick Lane
by Monica Ali

Because He Could
by Dick Morris

Blood Done Sign My Name
by Timothy Tyson

by Rita Ewing

Become an Energy Addict
by Jon Gordon

Blood for Dignity
by David Colley

Bride in Overdrive
by Jorie Green Mark

Becoming Justice Blackmun
by Linda Greenhouse

Blood From Stones
by Douglas Farah

The Bridge
by Solomon Jones

A Bed of Red Flowers
by Nelofer Pazira

Blood in the Sand
by Stephen Eric Bronner

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
by Helen Fielding

The Bedford Boys
by Alex Kershaw

Blood Lure
by Nevada Barr

The Bright Forever
by Lee Martin

Beethoven: The Universal Composer
by Edmund Morris

Blood, Sweat and Tears
by Michele Turk

Broadway: The American Musical
by Michael Kantor

Before It Happens To You
by Dr. Jonathan Sackner Bernstein

by Tim Junkin

The Broke Diaries
by Angela Nissel

Begging For Change
by Robert Egger

Blow Fly
by Patricia Cornwell

Brothers in Arms
by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

A Beginner's Guide to Changing the World
by Isabel Losada

Blow the House Down
by Robert Baer

by Kevin Weeks

Beginner's Luck
by Laura Pedersen

by Brad Thor

Bubbles A Broad
by Sarah Strohmeyer

Being Right is Not Enough
by Paul Waldman

Blowing My Cover
by Lindsay Moran

Bucking the Sarge
by Christopher Paul Curtis

Ben in the World
by Doris Lessing

Blown Away
by Shane Gericke

Buddha's Child
by Nguyen Cao Ky

The Berenstain Bears Save Christmas
by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Blue Blood
by Edward Conlon

The Buffalo Soldier
by Chris Bohjalian

The Berlin Conspiracy
by Tom Gabbay

Blue Diary
by Alice Hoffman

Burn Before Reading
by Stansfield Turner

The Best Lawyer in a One-Lawyer Town
by Dale Bumpers

The Blue Nowhere
by Jeffery Deaver

by Carol Higgins Clark

The Best Year of Their Lives
by Lance Morrow

Blue Ridge
by T.R. Pearson

Burning Down My Masters' House
by Jayson Blair

The Best-Kept Secret
by Kimberla Lawson Roby

Blue Shoe
by Anne Lamott

The Burning Tigris
by Peter Balakian

Better Than I Know Myself
by Donna Grant

Blueprint for Action
by Thomas Barnett

Bury Us Upside Down
by Don Shepperd

Better Together
by Robert Putnam

Blues Dancing
by Diane McKinney Whetstone

Bush Country
by John Podhoretz

Betty Shabazz
by Russell Rickford

by Mary Foley

Bush Must Go
by Bill Press

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
by Aron Ralston

Body for Life for Women
by Dr. Pamela Peeke

Bush On The Couch
by Dr. Justin Frank

Between Good and Evil
by Roger Depue

Body of Secrets
by James Bamford

Bush vs. The Beltway
by Laurie Mylroie

Between Lovers
by Eric Jerome Dickey

by Peter Bart

The Bushes
by Rochelle Schweizer

Beyond Choice
by Alexander Sanger

The Bomb in the Basement
by Michael Karpin

by Molly Ivins

Beyond Glory
by Larry Smith

Bone to Pick
by Ellis Cose

Business Is a Contact Sport
by Tom Richardson

The Bielski Brothers
by Peter Duffy

The Bone Vault
by Linda Fairstein

By A Spider's Thread
by Laura Lippman

Big Bang
by Simon Singh

The Bonesetter's Daughter
by Amy Tan

By Order of the President
by W.E.B. Griffin

Big Fat Liars
by Dr. Morris Chafetz

The Bonus Army
by Paul Dickson

The Bystander
by Nick Bryant

Big Lies
by Joe Conason

Boogers Are My Beat
by Dave Barry

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We know that on many occasions the [cloning] system fails and the cloned animals are abnormal and may not even be viable, even though they develop to term. So right now it would just be grossly irresponsible to use the technique in producing a child.

- Ian Wilmut
After Dolly

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