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The Rabbi's Cat
by Joann Sfar

Rejuvenate! It's Never Too Late
by Eartha Kitt

The Rise of American Democracy
by Sean Wilentz

Radical Evolution
by Joel Garreau

The Reluctant Parting
by Julie Galambush

The Rise of the Creative Class
by Richard Florida

Radical Innocent
by Anthony Arthur

Reluctant Saint
by Donald Spoto

The Rise of the Vulcans
by James Mann

Radio Activity
by Bill Fitzhugh

Remains Silent
by Michael Baden

Robbing the Bees
by Holley Bishop

The Radioactive Boy Scout
by Ken Silverstein

Renewing American Culture
by Scott Massey

by Nancy Conrad

A Rage for Glory
by James Tertius de Kay

Report From Ground Zero
by Dennis Smith

The RocketReview Revolution
by Adam Robinson

Raichlen on Ribs
by Steven Raichlen

by David Remnick

Rockville Pike
by Susan Coll

Raising Boys Without Men
by Peggy Drexler

The Rescue Artist
by Edward Dolnick

Rolling Away
by Lynn Marie Smith

Rambam's Ladder
by Julie Salamon

Rescuing Patty Hearst
by Virginia Holman

Ron Brown's Body
by Jack Cashill

by Robert Sullivan

by Barry Lopez

Ronnie and Nancy
by Bob Colacello

The Raw Deal
by Joe Conason

Resonant Leadership
by Richard Boyatzis

The Roosevelts and the Royals
by Will Swift

Reaching For Glory
by Michael Beschloss

Resurrection Men
by Ian Rankin

by Nikki Giovanni

Ready for Revolution
by Michael Thelwell

The Return
by Buzz Aldrin

by William Kennedy

Ready or Not, Here Life Comes
by Dr. Mel Levine

Return From Heaven
by Carol Bowman

The Rose Man of Sing Sing
by James McGrath Morris

Reagan and Gorbachev
by Amb. Jack Matlock

Return to Wild America
by Scott Weidensaul

Roses Are Red
by James Patterson

Reagan's Path to Victory
by Kiron Skinner

by Laura Blumenfeld

A Royal Duty
by Paul Burrell

Reagan's Revolution
by Craig Shirley

Reversible Errors
by Scott Turow

The Ruin of J. Robert Oppenheimer
by Priscilla McMillan

The Real Thing
by Constance Hays

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
by Joe Trippi

The Ruins of California
by Martha Sherrill

by Robert Reich

Revolutionary Characters
by Gordon Wood

The Rule of Four
by Ian Caldwell

The Rebels of Ireland
by Edward Rutherfurd

Rewriting History
by Dick Morris

Running on Race
by Jeremy Mayer

Reckless Disregard
by Robert "Buzz" Patterson

Riding With Reagan
by John Barletta

Running With Scissors
by Augusten Burroughs

Red Light Wives
by Mary Monroe

The Right Address
by Jill Kargman

Russell the Sheep
by Rob Scotton

Red Star Rogue
by Kenneth Sewell

The Right Man
by David Frum

The Russian Debutante's Handbook
by Gary Shteyngart

Red White & Liberal
by Alan Colmes

The Right Thing
by Scott Waddle

Refrigerator Rights
by Dr. Will Miller

by Catherine Coulter

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You take a guy like Jay Billis, who was on the 1986 Duke team that lost to Louisville. Jay's a big TV star now, with a beautiful wife, two beautiful kids, makes a lot of money, he's got everything you could want in life. But he doesn't have that national championship, and he still, to this day, thinks back on that night and second-guesses plays and wonders if he could have done this or that.

- John Feinstein
Last Dance

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