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U.S.S. Seawolf
by Patrick Robinson

Unfit Commander
by Glenn Smith

Upon the Altar of the Nation
by Harry Stout

The Ultimate Ride
by Chris Carmichael

Unforgiving Shadows
by Ray Flynt

Use What You've Got
by Barbara Corcoran

Ultramarathon Man
by Dean Karnazes

Unknown Soldiers
by Neil Hanson

Using What You Got
by Karen E. Quinones-Miller

The Uncivil War
by David Lebedoff

Up and Running
by Jami Goldman

Under Fire
by W.E.B. Griffin

Up Country
by Nelson DeMille

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I really always am writing about contemporary culture, and I think we live in a society where people can get very disconnected, and we feel falsely connected. We have our Blackberries, we have our cell phones, we say we're here and we're there, but are we really connected at any given moment? I'm not so sure.

- A.M. Homes
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